9 lbs. ripe apricots. 3 lbs. (6 cups) sugar. 24 oranges.

Pare and slice the apricots, add the sugar, then the oranges peeled and shredded. The white of the orange peel should be removed. Allow the mixture to stand in a cool place for twenty-four hours.

Boil for thirty minutes, then seal in glass fruit jars.

Another Method: Peel four large, sweet seedless oranges, core with an apple corer and cut them into thin slices. Cover with boiling water and let stand over night.

At the same time put one pound of peeled dried apricots into a basin, add cold water to cover and let them soak over night. In the morning put the apricots and the oranges with their liquids into an agate pan and cook for one-half hour, then measure and add an equal quantity of sugar and boil until thick, stirring constantly.

Seal in glasses.