Garlic Vinegar

1 bunch garlic. 1 bottle vinegar.

Peel the cloves of garlic, then put them through a food chopper into a bowl. Put this pulp and juice into a bottle of vinegar, cork and leave for two weeks, then strain.

This vinegar is delicious in salad dressings for all kinds of fish.

Lemon Syrup

12 lemons. 1/2 pint (1 cup) water. 1 lb. lump sugar.

Rub the lump sugar on the rinds of six of the lemons, and put it into a preserving pan with the water. Boil until clear, then add the strained juice of the twelve lemons, and simmer very gently, not allowing it to boil, for five minutes. Pour into bottles, which must be dry, and, when cold, cork securely.

Mint Vinegar

Mint. Vinegar.

This can be made either from fresh or dried mint, and it is useful for flavoring salads. Fill a widemouthed bottle with crushed mint, then pour in all the vinegar the bottle will hold. Let it stand for five weeks, when it will be ready for use, and can be strained into another bottle.

Nasturtium Vinegar

Nasturtium flowers, stems and seeds. Ground cloves. Red pepper. Cider vinegar.

Gather flowers, stems and seeds from nasturtium plants, cut them fine and three-fourths fill a glass jar with them. Pour over them strong cider vinegar and let stand for ten days; then add one-half ounce of ground cloves and one-fourth ounce of red pepper to each jar.

Let stand for five days, shaking well every day; then strain and bottle.

Rhubarb Wine

14 lbs. rhubarb. 6 lemons. 1 oz. ginger. 1 oz. tartaric acid. 4 gallons boiling water. Slice of toast. 1 oz. yeast. 1 oz. isinglass. 7 lbs. lump sugar.

Shred the rhubarb and put it into a large crock or tub, add the lemons sliced, ginger, tartaric add and the sugar. Pour over the water and mash well together. When lukewarm add the toast spread with the yeast.

Let it stand for three days, then strain into a clean cask, add the isinglass, and cork securely for three weeks. It can then be bottled.

Root Beer

1 oz. sassafras. 1/2 oz. coriander seeds. 1 oz. allspice. 1 oz. hops. 1 oz. yellow dock. 3 quarts molasses. 1 oz. wintergreen. 1/2 pint yeast or 1 yeast cake. 1/2 oz. wild cherry bark. 4 gallons cold water.

Mix together the sassafras, allspice, yellow dock, wintergreen, wild cherry bark, coriander seeds, hops and molasses. Cover them with boiling water, allow to stand for twenty-four hours, then filter, add the yeast and cold water.

The beer will be ready in twenty-four hours. Bottle and seal.

Spiced Vinegar For Pickles

1 gallon vinegar. 1 tablespoonful black pepper. 1 lb. (2 cups) sugar. 2 tablespoonfuls salt. 2 tablespoonfuls red pepper. 2 tablespoonfuls allspice. 2 tablespoonfuls mustard seeds. 1 tablespoonful mace. 2 grated nutmegs. 2 tablespoonfuls celery seeds. 3 tablespoonfuls grated horseradish. 1 tablespoonful turmeric powder. 3 sliced onions.

Put all the ingredients into a saucepan and let come slowly to a boil, it is then ready for use with any vegetables.

Seal in airtight jars.

Strawberry Syrup

Strawberries. Sugar.

Cook several quarts of strawberries until the juice flows freely. Mash, strain the juice, then measure.

Allow one pound of sugar for every pint of juice, boil together for five minutes, then bottle and seal when cold.


3 gallons water. 1 slice toasted bread. 3 lbs. (6 cups) dark brown sugar. 2 cakes yeast.

Boil the water and sugar for twenty minutes, then allow to become lukewarm. Add the bread, spread with the yeast cakes, putting yeast side down.

Set in a moderately warm place for four weeks, then strain and bottle.

Another Method: Put sound cores and parings of apples into an earthenware jar, cover with cold water, and add one cupful of molasses to every gallon of water.

Cover with cheesecloth and in three weeks strain through cheesecloth and bottle.

White Currant Liqueur

4 lbs. white currants. 4 lbs. lump sugar. 1 gallon brandy or whisky. 1 oz. ground cinnamon. 1 oz. ground doves. 1 oz. ground bitter almonds.

Pick over the currants and put them into a large jar, add the brandy, sugar, spices and almonds. Shake these all well together, cover and let stand for four weeks, shaking the jar three times a day all the time. Strain off through very fine muslin, let stand to settle, then bottle, pouring it off very carefully.