Cherries. Pinch cream of tartar. Sugar. Water.

Stone ripe cherries, saving any juice.

Put into a saucepan one pint of water and two cupfuls of sugar, and stir until the sugar is dissolved, then add cream of tartar and boil until it forms a thick syrup, skim, add the cherries and cook slowly until tender. Drain well, then place on platters to dry, or in baking tins lined with white paper and dry in a slow oven, changing the paper quite often.

When free from moisture, pack in boxes which have been lined with waxed paper, placing waxed paper between each layer of fruit, and sprinkling well with sugar. Put on the cover of the box, then wrap the box securely in paper and put away in a dry place.

These are delicious served by themselves, or used in candies, puddings, cakes and sauces.