Citron melons. Ginger. Sugar. Alum.

Peel small citron melons, slice, and cut into small pieces; cover with weak salt water, and stand over night; then soak in cold water for several hours; cover with fresh water, add a pinch of alum and boil until clear; drain, and when perfectly cold, to each pint of melon add two cupfuls of sugar and sufficient water to moisten it well; add a few pieces of ginger root; return to the fire, and simmer for two hours, when most of the sugar will have candied; pack in jars, and cover with the remaining syrup.

If a dry conserve is wished, place the citron on platters, and stand in the sunshine. When dried off, pack between layers of sugar.

It has been found that the citron melon contains a large proportion of pectin and it may be practically applied in "jelling" a number of other fruits that contain little pectin of their own.