Damson Cheese

Ripe damsons. Sugar.

Wash the damsons, put them into an earthenware jar, cover closely, place the jar in a pan of cold water on the fire and boil until the damsons are tender.

Skin and stone them, then rub through a sieve back into the juice which has been put into a preserving pan, add one cupful of sugar and a few of the kernels blanched to every pound of pulp, boil quickly to a stiff paste, continue boiling and stirring well until it leaves the pan dry, and adheres to the spoon in a mass; if it does not stick to the fingers when lightly touched it is cooked sufficiently.

Press it quickly into sterilized jars and cover with melted paraffin.

This is an old English preserve made much stiffer than either jelly or jam.

Damson Jelly

7 lbs. damsons. Sugar.

Wipe the damsons with a damp cloth, place them in a preserving pan, and just cover with cold water. Boil for one-half hour or until soft. Pour through a jelly bag and then measure the juice.

To every two cupfuls of juice allow two cupfuls of sugar.

Put the juice and the sugar into a preserving pan and allow to boil for fifteen minutes.

Equal quantities of damsons and apples make a delightful variety of this jelly. The apples are merely wiped, the skins being kept on when fruit is cut into slices. The jelly is then made in the same way as the damson preserve.

Seal in jelly glasses.