Elderberry Jam

1 lb. elderberries. 3/4 lb. sugar.

Remove the stems from some elderberries, then weigh them, add the sugar, and cook until almost thick.

The mixture must not be too stiff. Divide into glasses and seal.

Another Method: Strip ripe fruit from the stalks, and boil with a little water for fifteen minutes, having taken care to weigh the fruit.

To six pounds of the berries allow four pounds of sugar. Boil for fifteen minutes, then add one tablespoonful of orange flower water and boil for three-fourths of an hour.

Seal in glasses.

Gooseberry And Pineapple Jam

5 quarts gooseberries. Sugar. 1 large pineapple.

Pare and chop the pineapple, and "top and tail" the gooseberries. Measure three-fourths of a quart of sugar to each quart of fruit. Put the sugar into a porcelain-lined kettle with one cupful of water and let it boil and clarify. Now add the fruit and cook until thick.