6 lbs. greengages. 4 lbs. lump sugar.

Skin and stone ripe greengages, boil them quickly for three-fourths of an hour, with a little sugar, keeping them stirred constantly; then add four pounds of pounded lump sugar to six pounds of ripe greengages. Boil the fruit for ten minutes longer, skimming it frequently as the scum rises.

Pour into glasses and seal.

Another Method: Firm, sound greengages are required for this preserve. Wipe seven pounds of the fruit, remove the stalks and stones and crack a few of the latter, placing the kernels to one side. Then blanch the kernels.

Put the prepared fruit and the kernels into a preserving pan and add cold water to the depth of one inch. Bring to boiling point and boil for ten minutes. Now add seven pounds of heated sugar, stirring all the time.

Boil the preserve rapidly for twenty minutes, then pour into glasses and seal.