Small lemons. Mixed pickling spices. Vinegar.

Wash and wipe the lemons, then take off the rind as thinly as possible. The rinds may be used in puddings, jellies or lemonade.

Place the lemons in a jar and cover them with fine salt. Leave them for ten days until they feel soft. Wipe off a little of the salt and place the lemons in a clean jar.

Allow one ounce of mixed pickling spices to each quart of boiling vinegar. Tie the spices in a small muslin bag and boil them with the vinegar for ten minutes. Pour the vinegar over the lemons while still boiling. It must completely cover them.

Put the bag of spice in the jar; cover the pickle and make it as air-tight as possible.

The lemons will be ready for use in three months and they are delicious served with veal.