2 quarts green tomatoes. 1 teaspoonful turmeric. 2 quarts red tomatoes. 1 quart small onions. 1 cauliflower. 3 green peppers. 3 red peppers. 1 cabbage. 2 tablespoonfuls mustard. 3/4 lb. (1 1/2 cups) sugar. Salt. Water. 1/4 lb. (1 cup) flour. 2 quarts boiling vinegar. 1 quart cucumbers.

Slice the tomatoes and peppers, peel and slice onions and cucumbers, chop cabbage, and separate the cauliflower. Put all into a brine, using one-half cupful of salt to five quarts of water and allow to stand for twenty-four hours. Drain thoroughly and steam until tender.

Mix together the spices, sugar and flour and add enough water to make a paste. Add to boiling vinegar and one pint of water and cook until very thick. Add the vegetables and mix well.

Put into jars and seal.