Ripe mountain ash berries. Water. Sugar. Blackberry juice.

Rinse and stem the berries, put them into a preserving pan with just enough water to cover. Boil until soft, strain through a bag or sieve, then put into the pan with one pound of lump sugar to each pint of juice. Boil quickly for thirty minutes, skimming carefully. A little blackberry juice added just before the jelly is ready gives a nice flavor.

Divide into glasses and cover.

Another Method: Strip ripe red mountain ash berries from their stalks, then wash them and put them into a preserving pan, with sufficient water to prevent their burning. Allow one cupful of water to every two pounds of fruit, and simmer, stirring and breaking the berries with a wooden spoon to make the juice flow. When quite soft, turn them into a jelly bag, and allow to run slowly, without squeezing. Weigh the juice, and return it to the pan, with two pounds of heated sugar to each two cupfuls of juice, and boil until it "jells."

Seal in glasses.