Mulberries. Sugar. Vinegar.

Mulberry vinegar, when made correctly, should be as thick as honey. It is, however, a little tedious to evolve owing to the fact that it cannot be made all at once, but requires several days.

The first day, one pound of fruit should be well bruised in a basin or mortar, and then stirred into one quart of the best white wine vinegar. The fruit should be well stirred once, and then left to infuse over night. The liquor should then be strained off on to another pound of fruit, care being taken not to bruise the fruit or the vinegar will ferment. Next the juice should be measured, put into a stone jar and one pound of sugar to every pint of juice added. The jar must be placed in a pan of boiling water and simmered and skimmed. After the syrup has once cooled it should be rich and thick.

Seal in bottles.