Musk-Melon Butter

12 musk-melons. Powdered cinnamon. Sugar.

Wash, peel and seed the melons, then cut them into small pieces and put them into a large porcelain-lined pan. Cover them with cold water and boil until tender.

Drain, then rub them through a colander or fruit press. Measure the purée, add half as much sugar, and cook to a thick butter.

Flavor with powdered cinnamon to taste. A few chopped nut meats may be added, if liked.

Seal in jars.

Musk-Melon Preserve

1 musk-melon. 1/8 teaspoonful ground cloves. 1/2 lemon. 2 sour apples. 1 tablespoonful chopped preserved ginger. 2 rose geranium leaves. 1/4 teaspoonful ground cassia buds. Sugar.

Pare the melon, cut it into small pieces and then weigh. Cut the lemon into thin pieces and put it into the preserving pan, then put in the melon, cover with cold water, and stew until tender.

Add the apples pared and cut into small pieces, the spices, geranium leaves and two-thirds the weight of the melon in sugar. Boil quickly until the pieces of melon are transparent. Remove the geranium leaves when they begin to fall to pieces.

Seal, while hot, in jars.