6 oranges. 4 lbs. (8 cups) sugar. 2 pineapples. 1 1/2 quarts water.

Wash the oranges and soak them in the water over night. Boil them in the same water in the morning until tender, then cut them into small pieces, return them to the pan with the sugar and the pineapples cut fine. Boil the mixture, stirring all the time, until it jellies.

Canned pineapple may be used if the fresh cannot be obtained.

Other Methods: Pare, remove the eyes, then grate the pineapples, preserving the juice. Allow three-fourths of a pound of sugar to each pound of grated fruit. Boil till it jellies, pour into glass jars and seal.

Peel and grate or chop as many pineapples as desired, using a silver fork or knife in the operation. Measure or weigh and allow one pound of sugar to each pound of fruit. Mix well and stand in a cool place over night. In the morning cook one-half hour or until soft enough to put through a coarse sieve. Strain, return to the pan and continue cooking, stirring constantly for one-half hour or longer, until it is a clear amber jelly that will thicken into a paste as it cools.

Put into small jars and seal when cool.