6 bitter oranges. 2 sweet oranges. 2 lemons. 6 pints (12 cups) water. Sugar.

Wash and dry the oranges and lemons, then cut them into very small pieces, rejecting the seeds. Pour the water over the fruit and allow to stand for twenty-four hours. Boil until tender and let stand for another twenty-four hours. Now measure, and to each pint add two cupfuls of sugar. Boil until clear.

Seal in glasses.

Another Method: Take twelve oranges, three lemons, eight pounds of sugar and three quarts of water. Wash and dry the fruit, then slice it very thin, cutting each slice into four pieces. Reject all the seeds. Pour the water over the fruit and let it stand for twenty-four hours, then boil for two or three hours or until tender. Now add the sugar and boil for one-half hour longer.

Divide into glasses, cover with melted paraffin and seal.

Orange Marmalade With Honey

12 large ripe bitter oranges. Sugar. Honey.

Cut the oranges into quarters, remove the rinds, seeds, and all the white pith, but be careful to save the juice. Put the pulp and the juice into a porcelain-lined pan with an equal weight of strained honey, and one-third as much sugar as honey; boil until very thick, sweet, and clear.