Pears. Pinch powdered alum. Sugar.

When canning pears take the clean peelings, with any of the fruit that is not perfect enough for preserving, cut in small pieces and put in an enameled pan with water to cover.

Cook until soft, then strain through a jelly bag. To twelve cupfuls of the juice allow eight cupfuls of sugar, and cook for thirty minutes, skimming often.

Add the alum, pour into hot sterilized glasses, and seal.

Another Method: Peel and core one peck of pears, then run through food chopper, weigh, and to each pound of fruit allow one-half pound of sugar. Put fruit, sugar and one cupful of water into preserving pan, let come to a good boil, add grated rinds and strained juice of two lemons, and one can of grated pineapple.

Cook for two hours, stirring occasionally, then pour into jars and seal.