Sour cherries. Sugar. Vinegar.

Wipe and stone some sour cherries, then put them into a stoneware jar, cover with good vinegar and let stand for twenty-four hours. Drain off the vinegar, weigh the cherries, and return to the jar in layers with an equal weight of sugar. Stir every morning for two weeks with a wooden spoon, then bottle and seal.

The syrup which was drained off makes a delicious summer drink with the addition of water.

Another Method: Drain seven pounds of stoned cherries. To one-half pint of vinegar add three pounds of sugar, two and one-half ounces of powdered cinnamon, and two and one-half ounces of powdered cloves tied in a muslin bag, allow to boil, then pour over the cherries.

Keep draining off and heating for four days, then heat all together and seal in jars.