6 lbs. firm white fish. 1 teaspoonful powdered ginger. 1 1/2 ozs. curry powder. Oil or fat. 1 oz. (2 tablespoonfuls) brown sugar. 9 medium sized onions. 1 tablespoonful salt. 1 tablespoonful tomato catchup. 2 tablespoonfuls chutney. Vinegar. 6 cloves. 2 chopped chilies.

Fillet the fish. If large fillets roll or double them so that they may be removed from the jars without breaking. Fry the fish in oil or lard, then drain it and lay aside to cool. Slice the onions, and fry three-fourths of the quantity in a little fat; add the curry powder, salt, chutney and tomato catchup. Stir these materials to a paste, over a gentle heat, adding a little good vinegar gradually, until it is the consis tency of thick cream. Now add the chilies and mix well.

Spread a little of this paste over each layer of fish after placing it in the jars when cool.

Put two and three-fourths pints of vinegar into a saucepan, add one and one-half ounces of curry paste, two extra chopped chilies, ginger, the remainder of the onions, salt to taste and the sugar. Boil until the onions are soft, then pour over the fish.

Cover when cold.

A few mustard seeds may be added if liked.