Small white onions. Brine. Spices. Vinegar.

Choose the smallest onions and take care that they are dry and ripe. Pour hot water over them, and then the skins can be easily removed. Make enough strong brine to cover the onions, let them remain in it for twenty-four hours, and then replace the old brine with new, allowing it to remain another twenty-four hours. On the third morning put the onions on the fire and heat them to boiling point.

Drain well and place the onions in dry jars, pouring boiling vinegar over them. If spiced vinegar is desired, boil the spices with the vinegar, allowing to each gallon one-half ounce each of allspices, peppercorns, mace, and mustard seeds, securely tied in a little bag. But if the whiteness that is so appetizing in pickled onions is to be retained, the spices must be omitted.

While placing the onions in the jars, distribute sliced red peppers through them.