100 large oysters. 1 pint (2 cups) vinegar. 1 large red pepper. 24 whole cloves. 24 black peppercorns. 9 blades mace. Salt. 3 bay leaves.

Put the oysters and their liquor into a porcelain-lined pan, add salt to taste and bring slowly to scalding point. Do not allow the liquor to boil. Take out the oysters, just at their plumpest and before the edges begin to curl, and set aside to cool. Strain the liquor, return it to the pan, add the vinegar, spices and pepper broken in small pieces, bring to boiling point, and pour over the oysters when almost cold. Cover the jar in which the oysters are and set in a cool place over night.

The next day put them into sterilized glass jars, then seal and set in a cool place.