Good high colored sweet pumpkins. Lemons. Ginger. Sugar.

Peel and halve the pumpkins, take out the seeds and cut into thick chips. For each pound of pumpkin allow two cupfuls of sugar and one-half cupful of lemon juice.

Put the chips into a deep earthenware dish and sprinkle over each layer a layer of sugar. Pour the lemon juice over the whole.

Let it remain for a day, then boil together, allowing one cupful of water to each three pounds of pumpkin, one tablespoonful of bruised ginger tied in muslin bags, and the shredded peels of the lemons.

When the pumpkin becomes tender turn the whole into a stone jar and set away in a cool place for one week.

At the end of that time pour the syrup off the chips, boil down until rich and thick, then pour over the pumpkin and seal.

This makes a delicious sweetmeat.