1 pumpkin. 3 teaspoonfuls powdered cloves. 1 lemon. 3 1/2 pints (9 cups) cider vinegar. 1 teaspoonful powdered allspice. 3 lbs. (6 cups) sugar. 3 tablespoonfuls chopped ginger root. 3 teaspoonfuls powdered cinnamon.

Cut the lemon in thin slices, put it into a preserving kettle and bring to a boil. Pare and cut the pumpkin into two inch squares, discarding the seeds, add them with sugar, vinegar and spices and boil gently for one and one-half hours, or until the pieces may be easily pierced with a fork.

Put in jars and seal.

Serve with meat.

Another Method: Pare some pumpkins, remove the seeds, cut the pulp into strips three inches long and one inch wide. Boil till tender. Put one quart of vinegar into a porcelain-lined pan, add one pint of water, one and one-half pounds of sugar, one tablespoonful of salt and four broken sticks of cinnamon. Bring to boiling point, then pour over the drained pumpkin. This pickle will be ready for eating in twenty-four hours.