1 large red cabbage. Salt. Vinegar. Cloves. Whole white peppers. Ginger. Bay leaves. Sugar.

Remove the coarse outside leaves from the cabbage, and wash the remainder, searching for any insect life. Cut the cabbage in half, and shred it fine. Put a layer of the cabbage into a large dish or platter, and sprinkle with salt; add more cabbage, and salt in alternate layers; leave for three or four days, turning it several times during that interval. Drain away the moisture which the salt has extracted, put the cabbage into jars, and cover with vinegar in which two doves, six white peppers, one small piece ginger root, bay leaf, and one teaspoonful of sugar to each pint of vinegar, have been boiled.

Cover with muslin, and when cold tie down.

A few slices of cooked beets improve the color.