4 lbs. rhubarb. 2 ozs. almonds. 2 lbs. dried figs. 1 lemon. 3 lbs. lump sugar.

Wash and dry the rhubarb, cut into inch pieces and cook it for fifteen minutes with one-half cupful of water. Wash and dry the figs, blanch the almonds, and pass both through a food chopper.

Add the sugar and boil all together for thirty minutes. Add the strained lemon juice, pour into jars, and seal when cold.

Another Method: Wash and dry one pound of figs and three pounds of rhubarb, then cut them into small pieces and put them into a basin with three pounds of sugar, the grated rind and strained juice of one lemon. Mix and allow to stand over night. Put into a preserving pan and simmer for thirty minutes. Seal while hot.