Rhubarb And Ginger Preserve No. 1

4 lbs. rhubarb. 1/2 lb. preserved ginger. 4 lbs. (8 cups) sugar. 1 gill (1/2 cup) water. 1/2 lb. candied lemon peel.

Choose firm, red stalks of rhubarb; wash and dry well with a cloth. Cut in six inch lengths and lay them on platters to dry for two days. Chop the lemon peel and ginger and put them into a preserving pan with sugar and water. Boil for five minutes, then add rhubarb and let boil for thirty minutes, stirring as little as possible.

Seal in glasses.

Rhubarb And Ginger Preserve No. 2

Rhubarb. Sugar. Ginger.

Rhubarb and ginger preserve is delicious. To every three pounds of rhubarb allow one-half pound of preserved ginger and two pounds of sugar. Wash and dry the rhubarb and cut it into pieces. Put these with the chopped ginger into an earthenware jar, add the sugar and set aside for two days.

Then pour off the liquid thus obtained into a preserving pan and boil gently for ten minutes. Add the rhubarb and ginger, and boil, not too quickly, for fifteen minutes.

The rhubarb should be weighed after it has been cut up.

Seal in jars.