Rose hips. Sugar. Vinegar.

Choose fine rose hips that are not too ripe, leave a short piece of stalk on each, but cut them even; wash, put them into a pan with sufficient boiling water to cover, and let them simmer until tender, but without allowing them to break; now drain off the water and reserve it.

When the fruit is cold, cut a small piece of the flower end, and remove the seeds, being careful not to break the fruit. Make a syrup, allowing two cupfuls of vinegar and one cupful of the water in which the hips were cooked to every two pounds of fruit. Strain into a preserving pan, adding for the above quantities four cupfuls of sugar, one-fourth ounce of cloves and one-fourth ounce of cinnamon stick, and stir over the fire with a wooden spoon until the sugar is dissolved; then boil the syrup for fifteen minutes, add the hips, and boil for twenty minutes longer or until the syrup is thick.

Cover in small jars.

This is excellent with mutton or game.