Rose leaves. Water or rose water. Sugar. Orange flower water.

Cut the roses when in full bloom, pull out the petals, and spread on a tray to dry. Make a syrup with two pounds of lump sugar and as little water or rose water as possible

Weigh two pounds of dried rose leaves, wash them for a minute in boiling water; then drain and dry, and add them to the syrup with two tablespoonfuls of orange flower water; cook until thick, then pour into small jars and seal.

Or the rose leaves may be put into a porcelain-lined pan with just enough water to cover them, covered and cooked slowly until tender, when the sugar may be added and all boiled gently until a syrup is formed.

These leaves make attractive decorations for icings and candies, and they are also a delightful addition to cake batter, puddings, sauces and mince meat.