8 lbs. sweet apples. Cloves. 1 quart vinegar. Stick cinnamon. 1 quart water. Allspice. 4 lbs. (8 cups) sugar.

Peel enough apples to make eight pounds of fruit, then cut them in halves. Put the vinegar, water and sugar into a preserving pan with stick cinnamon and allspices to taste and bring to boiling point. Stick two cloves into each half of apple, drop them into the syrup and simmer until tender.

Place the fruit in sterilized jars, boil the syrup for ten minutes longer and pour it over the apples.


Another Method: Put two quarts of vinegar and six pounds of brown sugar in a preserving kettle, add a spice bag containing one tablespoonful of whole cloves and one-fourth pound of stick cinnamon broken in small pieces, and boil for five minutes. Pare, and cut in half, one peck of ripe sweet apples and cook in the boiling vinegar until almost transparent.

This pickle is delicious served with pork.