Strawberries. Red currant juice. Lump sugar. Water.

Take equal weights of strawberries and broken lump sugar, and to every four pounds of strawberries add two cupfuls of red currant juice and one cupful of water. When currant juice cannot be procured, dissolved red currant jelly may be used. Sieve the sugar until one-half its weight is free from lumps.

Place the strawberries, which should be dry and not overripe, on a dish, in layers, with the powdered part of the sugar, and allow to stand for twenty-four hours. On the following morning put the remainder of the sugar, red currant juice and the water into a preserving pan, stir until the sugar is dissolved, bring gently to boiling point and then simmer for thirty minutes, or until the syrup runs from the spoon in a thread.

Put in the fruit, bring slowly to boiling point, turning the fruit over gently from time to time, and boil until the syrup quickly stiffens on a cold saucer.

Pour into jelly glasses and seal.