Melons. Vinegar. Sugar. 1 lemon. 6 cloves. 1 stick cinnamon.

Sweet pickled melons are much liked and are very wholesome. Peel the melons, cut them in thick slices and put them in vinegar for two days.

On the third day drain the vinegar, and to each pint allow one cupful of sugar to every pound of melon.

Put the vinegar, sugar and any juice from the melons into a saucepan and boil for fifteen minutes; pour over the melons and let it stand for one day. Repeat the process of boiling the vinegar for four days, and on the fifth add the grated rind and strained juice of lemon, cloves and cinnamon broken in pieces, put in the melons and boil gently till the vinegar becomes thick, then pour into jars and seal. This pickle is excellent with meats or game.