Sweet Potato Butter

10 lbs. mashed sweet potatoes. 2 1/2 pints (5 cups) water. Seasonings to taste. 5 lbs. (10 cups) sugar.

Boil the sweet potatoes until ready, then skin and mash them. Bring the sugar and water to boiling point and boil for fifteen minutes, add the mashed potatoes and simmer for three hours.

Flavor or season to taste.

Divide into jars, cover, and seal.

Sun Preserved Cherries

Tart cherries. Sugar.

Pit and weigh some moderately tart cherries, and for each pound take seven-eighths pound of sugar. Put the cherries and sugar in layers in a large pre serving kettle and allow to stand for ten minutes. Cook only three quarts of the fruit at a time.

Bring quickly to boil, then boil for five minutes. Pour into large platters and place out-of-doors in a hot sun for nine hours.

Divide into glass jars and cover with melted paraffin.