Vegetable marrows. Green ginger. Sugar. Lemons. Red pepper. Brown sugar.

To each pound of pared and seeded marrow allow one ounce of green ginger, grated or chopped fine, one pound of granulated sugar, the pared yellow rinds of two lemons cut into shreds and a few grains of red pepper.

Make a syrup with one pound of brown sugar and one cupful of water.

Chop the pared marrow and cover it with the brown sugar syrup. Let stand for two days, then drain off the syrup, which may be used again for the same purpose.

Make a heavy syrup with the granulated sugar, lemon rind, strained lemon juice, red pepper and ginger, allowing one-fourth of a cupful of water for each pound of sugar. Add the marrow and simmer slowly and steadily until it is clear and cooked to a marmalade.

Seal in small glasses.