Yellow tomatoes. Crystallized citron peel. Sugar. Lemons. Preserved ginger.

Tomato preserves made from the yellow tomato are excellent.

Use two cupfuls of sugar for each pound of tomatoes. Wash the tomatoes, plunge them in boiling water, allow them to remain for an instant then drain and remove the skins.

Place the tomatoes in an earthenware jar, add the sugar, cover the jar and allow the contents to stand over night.

In the morning drain off the syrup and boil it for five minutes, skimming it frequently. Add the tomatoes; and for each pound of tomatoes add two ounces of chopped preserved ginger, two ounces of chopped crystallized citron peel and two thinly sliced seeded lemons.

Simmer until the tomatoes are thoroughly cooked.

Seal in sterilized jars.

Another Method: Yellow tomatoes with an equal quantity of grated pineapple make an excellent preserve. Scald, peel and weigh the tomatoes, and to each pound use two cupfuls of sugar. Put the tomatoes, sugar and pineapple into a porcelain-lined pan and simmer for three hours.

Divide into sterilized tumblers or jars and cover with melted paraffin.