Prepare the fruit as for other methods of canning and arrange it neatly in thoroughly sterilized jars.

Make a syrup of sugar and water the same as for cooking in a preserving kettle. Fill the hot jars with it; put on the lids without the rubbers, set the jars on a strip of asbestos, or if the asbestos cannot be procured, place the jars in the oven in shallow pans containing two inches of boiling water and cook for fifteen minutes.

The oven should be moderately hot. Remove from the oven, one can at a time, and fill the jar with boiling syrup, then put on the rubber and seal tightly.

Wipe the jars and if screw covers are used, tighten them after the glass has cooled.

The quantity of sugar in each quart of syrup should be gauged to suit the fruit with which it is used.

In any method of canning it is well to run a silver fork around the top of the fruit the last thing before sealing in order to let out any bubbles of air that may have collected.