24 bartlett pears. 1 lb. (2 cups) sugar. 2 quarts (8 cups) water.

Bartlett pears are the best for canning. Put the water and sugar into a preserving kettle, let the syrup come to boiling point, and skim off the froth if any rises. While the syrup is heating, carefully halve, peel and core the pears, being careful not to use those that are overripe or imperfectly shaped.

Drop pieces into a basin of cold water until all are pared.

Put the halved pears into the boiling syrup but do not stir.

Take a large roasting pan with handles and place in it as many sterilized canning jars as it will hold. Pour some tepid water in the pan to a depth of about two inches; and place the pan on the side of the stove. The water will get hot and keep the jars warm. Sterilize the rubber rings and covers. By this time the fruit will be boiling. When the pears commence to lose their hard whiteness they are ready to take off.

Lift out pieces separately with a spoon and put them into the hot jars. Fill jars and cover with the syrup, filling them even with the top, put the rings and covers on, and screw tight.