Canned Asparagus No. 1

Large asparagus. Salt.

Select large white asparagus. Peel each stalk to near the point, take twenty-four stalks for each jar, tie in neat bundles, lay on a flat surface and cut off the stem end so that the bundles are one and one-half inches shorter than the jars.

Lay the bundles for four jars in a saucepan large enough to accommodate them easily, and add the pieces that were cut off from the bottoms.

Boil until they begin to get tender, but not done. Take out, untie one bundle at a time and put the stalks into the jars, with the stem ends at the bottom.

Set each jar as filled into a pan of hot water on the stove. When the four jars are filled with the stalks, divide up the small pieces among them, placing on top of the tips until the jar is well filled. Now add four teaspoonfuls of salt to the water they were boiled in and divide that over the jars, filling up with boiling water until full. Screw on the lids without rubbers, put jars in a kettle filled with clean hot water up to their necks. Bring quickly to a boil, and then, with less heat, boil for twenty minutes. Take out one jar at a time, remove the top, put on a new rubber, reseal, and set aside until all are done. Then go over each again and make the lids air-tight; set upside down in paper bags, and when cold set away in a cool dark place. Always stand the jars on their heads and shake as little as possible.

Canned Asparagus No. 2

Asparagus. Salt.

Wash and trim the asparagus into even lengths, put the heads up in a deep, round saucepan, cover with boiling water and cook for fifteen minutes.

Drain, and arrange neatly in perfectly straightsided jars, add one teaspoonful of salt, and fill to overflowing with cold water.

Put the rubber around the neck of the jar, and place the glass top on loosely. Place the jars on the rack in the washboiler, adjust the cover and boil for thirty minutes. Remove the cover of the boiler to let the steam escape, screw the tops of the cans tightly and let stand in the boiler until the next day.

On the following day partially unscrew the top and cook for thirty minutes. Repeat the boiling on the third day for thirty minutes, then screw tightly.

Asparagus keeps well.