Canned Cucumbers

Cucumbers. Vinegar.

Peel and slice some good cucumbers and put them into salt water for eight hours. Drain them well, then put them into cans and with a long fork stir vinegar all through them.

When the cans are full place them in a kettle with enough warm water to come almost to the tops, place covers on loosely, then bring to boiling point and boil for fifteen minutes.

Screw the covers on tight.

Canned Eggplant

Eggplants. Salt.

Pare the eggplants, cut them in thin slices, and drop into boiling water. Allow them to remain for fifteen minutes, then drain off the water, and pack the slices in jars. Cover with cold water, add one teaspoonful of salt to each quart jar, put on the rubbers and tops, and boil for one hour on each successive day for three days.

Screw the covers tight.

Canned Green Beans

9 pints (18 cups) beans. 5 ozs. (2/3 cup) salt. 1/2 lb. (1 cup) sugar.

Mix the beans with the sugar and salt in a porcelain lined pan, cover with boiling water, bring to boiling point, and boil for five minutes.

Put into sterilized jars and cover. When wanted for use, rinse in several waters and cook as desired.

Peas and com may be canned in the same way.

Canned Spinach

Spinach. Vinegar.

Select young spinach, wash thoroughly, rinse in several waters and steam or boil in a small amount of water. When cooked enough, put into sterilized jars, press down with a sterilized spoon until the liquid covers the top and seal.

Beet greens may be canned in the same way.

Scalding vinegar may be poured on after packing the greens in the jars.

Canned Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes. Water. Sugar.

Prepare a syrup by boiling together one-half cupful of sugar in four cupfuls of water for five minutes.

Peel and slice sweet potatoes, then boil them in slightly boiling salted water until tender, drain, and place the slices in glass jars.

Pour in the hot syrup, letting it flow over the tops of the jars.

Seal tightly, then wipe the jars, place them in blue paper, and put them away in a cool, dark place.

Canned Succotash

Corn. Salt. Beans.

Succotash is one of the most difficult things to keep, so extreme care must be taken in the process of canning. It is advisable to gather the com and beans early in the morning and prepare and sterilize them.

Can them by the three-day method, boiling them for one and one-half hours on each of the three days.

Canned Grapes

Perfect grapes. Water. Sugar.

Stem some nice grapes, then wash them, and put into a clean jar that has a tight, sealable cover; put a silver spoon into the jar so as not to break the glass, then cover the grapes with boiling water.

Do this three times, draining off the water each time.

Make a syrup with one cupful of sugar and one cupful of water; pour it over the grapes and seal.