Canned Tomatoes No. 1

Solid tomatoes. Salt.

Select medium sized tomatoes, and put them into a wire basket and plunge into a kettle of boiling water. Remove the skins and place the tomatoes in widemouthed sterilized jars. Fill with cold water, add one teaspoonful of salt to each jar, adjust the rubbers, and stand in the washboiler. Cover, bring to boiling point, and cook for thirty minutes. Screw down the tops and leave in the boiler until next day.

Repeat the cooking for another one-half hour, reckoning from the time the water reaches the boiling point, then screw tightly.

Canned Tomatoes No. 2

Good underripe tomatoes. Sugar. Salt.

Wash the tomatoes in cold water; if they are to be canned whole, remove the skins with a sharp knife.

The work of peeling is much easier if the tomatoes are immersed for a short time in boiling water; but they must be taken out quickly, as otherwise the water softens them and causes them to lose their shape.

Place the tomatoes in a preserving pan over the fire, add a little salt and bring them to a boil. After they have boiled a few minutes fill the cans to overflowing and seal them immediately, using new rubbers and perfect covers.

A teaspoonful of salt and a teaspoonful of sugar may be sprinkled over the top just before sealing.

Invert the jars and allow to stand until cool. Always use glass jars with glass tops for tomatoes.