Canned Rhubarb, Cold Process

Rhubarb. Water.

Wash, peel and cut the rhubarb in pieces of the same length. Pack neatly in glass jars, put on the rubbers, place each jar under an open faucet and let the water run with considerable force into the jar for twenty minutes. This expels the air. Be sure that the jars are full, cover as tightly as possible and set aside. Screw again to make sure that they are air-tight. When used the rhubarb tastes as if fresh.

Cranberries, gooseberries and plums may be canned in the same way.

Canned Rhubarb, Hot Water Method

Rhubarb. Hot water.

Wash and peel the rhubarb and cut it into neat pieces. Fill a jar with the prepared fruit, place it in a pan of tepid water, and pour boiling water over the fruit until the can is full, cover and allow to stand for ten minutes, drain off this water, fill the can again with boiling water, screw on the lid, turn the can upside down to make sure it does not leak, and when cool the fruit is ready to store.

No sugar is put with it until the fruit is to be used, then, after adding sugar to taste, it is brought to the boiling point. Gooseberries may be done in the same way.