Blackberry Syrup

Blackberries. Lump sugar.

Pick the berries, bruise them and allow them to stand for a few days to ferment slightly.

If the berries have not yielded sufficient juice, pour one-fourth of a cupful of boiling water to every pound over them, leave for two hours, and pour into a jelly bag to drip.

To each pint of liquid add from one-half pound to one and one-half pounds of lump sugar, boil for fifteen minutes, removing all scum, and, when cold, bottle and cork.

If preferred, and the blackberry juice be undiluted, the sugar may first be made into syrup with one and one-half cupfuls of water to the pound.

Blackberry Vinegar

Ripe blackberries. Lump sugar. 1 quart white wine vinegar.

Pour the vinegar over one quart of ripe blackberries, leave covered with a cloth for twenty-four hours, then drain off the liquid. Pour it over as much fresh fruit as it will immerse and leave again for the same period.

Repeat the processes, strain, and to every two cupfuls add one pound of lump sugar.

Boil together for ten minutes, skimming carefully, and bottle when cold.