Cucumber Pickles

1 peck good gherkins. 1 tablespoonful whole allspice. 1 quart pickling onions. 1 large red pepper. 2 tablespoonfuls mustard seeds. 2 large green peppers. Cider vinegar. 2 tablespoonfuls celery seeds. 1 tablespoonful whole cloves. 1 oz. crushed cinnamon stick. 2 lbs. (4 cups) brown sugar.

Wash the gherkins and peel the onions, cover them with a brine and allow to stand for twenty-four hours. Drain but do not rinse. Seed and chop the peppers. Pack the gherkins in clean jars or crocks, mixing the chopped peppers with them. To each quart of pickles allow two cupfuls of cider vinegar.

Put the vinegar, sugar and spices into a saucepan, bring them to boiling point and boil for five minutes. Pour hot over the pickles. Keep the jars standing in a warm place for twenty-four hours, adding hot vinegar as it is needed to cover shrinkage.

Seal and do not use for two months.

Cucumber Pickles No. 2

300 small cucumbers. 6 small red peppers. 2 1/2 lbs. (5 cups) brown sugar. 1 oz. celery seeds. 1 oz. white mustard seeds. 1 oz. black mustard seeds. 1 oz. juniper berries. 6 small onions. Vinegar.

Wash and drain the cucumbers, cover them with a strong brine and let stand for three days. Put the brine on cold. Drain off the brine, then take half vinegar and half water, heat them to boiling point and pour over the pickles. Next day pour this liquid off the pickles and reheat it; do this for three days. Now throw away this liquid; take fresh vinegar and add the sliced onions, sliced peppers and sugar and bring them to boiling point.

Sprinkle a portion of the seeds over the cucumbers; tie the remainder in little cheesecloth bags, and place these on the top of the pickles. Pour the hot vinegar over the cucumbers and seeds and keep in earthenware jars unsealed.