Parsley Jelly

Parsley. Sugar.

Take a quantity of fresh parsley, wash, put in a preserving kettle, and press it down. Cover with cold water, boil gently for thirty minutes, then pour through a jelly bag twice.

Measure the juice and for every pint allow three-fourths of a pound of sugar. Boil the juice for twenty minutes, then add the heated sugar and boil for ten minutes.

Pour into glasses and seal.

Wineberry Jelly

Wineberries. Sugar.

Pick the berries and put them without water in the inner section of a double boiler. In the outer section put cold water and set on the fire until the berries are heated and soft. Mash and strain and boil the juice for twenty minutes, then add an equal quantity of heated sugar, stir until dissolved, and bring quickly to a boil.

Pour at once into hot jelly glasses and seal.