Prune And Orange Jam

Prunes. Sugar. Oranges.

Wash some prunes thoroughly in both hot and cold water, then cut from the pits. Put the meat through a food chopper and to each cupful of chopped prunes take one cupful of cut orange. Add the grated rinds of one-half of the oranges used. Add one tablespoonful of sugar to each cupful of orange, and to two cupfuls of prunes add one-half cupful of water.

Stir well together, stand in a saucepan at the back of the range, and let the jam simmer until thick.

Seal in jelly glasses.

Prune Butter

4 lbs. prunes. 1 lemon. 4 lbs. (8 cups) sugar.

Wash the prunes thoroughly, soak them in cold water over night, then simmer until tender, remove the stones and rub through a sieve or press through a fruit press. Add the grated rind, the strained juice of the lemon and the sugar and cook until thick.

Seal in jars.

Prune Marmalade

2 1/2 lbs. prunes. 6 large apples. 1 lemon. 1 orange. 1/2 lb. (1 cup) sugar.

Select fine prunes, then wash and soak them in water over night. Steam or stew them gently until tender, using enough water to cover. Set aside until cool enough to handle; remove the pits.

Return to the pan, add the apples, pared, cored and sliced, the sugar, the strained juices of the orange and lemon, and cook to a marmalade, stirring occasionally that the mixture may be smooth.

Put into glasses or jars and cover at once.