Make Raspberry Syrup

Ripe raspberries. Sugar.

Procure ripe raspberries, bruise them thoroughly, and let them stand in a cool place for two days. Now strain through muslin, and to every pint of juice allow one cupful of sugar. Let it boil gently for three-fourths of an hour, and be very careful to remove the scum as it rises.

When it has cooled pour it into dry bottles and cork securely.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Fruit Syrups: Every housewife, and especially those who are fortunate enough to have a fruit garden of their own, ought to lay in a store of fruit syrup, as with it an endless variety of sweet dishes can be made during the winter months - jellies, creams, blanc-manges, candies, etc.

Take any quantity of fruit and squeeze out all the juice, then strain, and add one-half pound of lump sugar to every pint of juice. Bring slowly to a boil, then boil for one-half hour. When cool put into clean dry bottles, cork well, and keep in a dry place.

Raspberry Vinegar

Raspberries. Vinegar. Sugar.

Bruise the raspberries and add two cupfuls of vinegar to every pound of fruit. Allow to stand for one week, stirring every day, then strain through a jelly bag, and add two cupfuls of sugar to every pint of juice. Boil this for three minutes, and let it stand until quite cold.

Bottle and seal.