Stuffed Mangoes No. 1

Sweet or hot green peppers . Peaches. Small green "nutmeg''melons. Ripe cucumbers.

Sweet or hot green peppers, or small green "nutmeg" melons are used for these pickles. Peaches or ripe cucumbers may also be used.

Divide melons or peaches in half and remove the seeds; cut off the tops of the peppers, remove the seeds and the white membranes. Soak the pickles over night in brine. In the morning, drain and stuff with any of the undermentioned fillings. After stuffing, sew the peppers or tie well and cover with vinegar.

Seal and keep in a dry, cool place.

Filling No. 1: Chop two cabbage heads fine and soak in brine over night. Drain and add one pound of seeded raisins, one-half pound of sultanas, one pound of white mustard seeds, one pound of celery seeds, six cupfuls of grated horseradish, two cupfuls of nasturtium seeds, one-half cupful of sliced ginger root, one ounce of turmeric, two cupfuls of olive oil, one cupful of sugar, one grated nutmeg, and one cupful of very tiny cucumbers.

Filling No. 2: Peel four ripe tomatoes, chop fine, drain and add one pint of chopped cabbage, one pint of chopped celery, one pint of chopped green tomatoes, one-half pint of chopped green peppers, one-half pint of grated horseradish, one tablespoonful of salt and two tablespoonfuls of mustard seeds.

Stuffed Mangoes No. 2

Green bull-nosed peppers. 1 small onion. White cabbage. 1/2 teaspoonful whole mustard seeds. Chopped celery. Green cucumbers. 3 tablespoonfuls olive oil.

Soak some firm bull-nosed peppers for twenty-four hours in brine that is not too strong. Cut a slit in one side, or cut off one end, saving it to serve as a cover. Chop enough firm white cabbage to fill the cavities, and use with it one-fourth part of chopped celery, green cucumbers or green tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt and let stand for four hours, then drain in a colander. Add chopped onion, mustard seeds and oil and fill into peppers. Place covers on top and tie firmly with fine twine.

Place peppers in a porcelain-lined pan, cover with warm vinegar and let stand over night. Next day pour off vinegar, reheat, and again turn over the peppers. Pack in layers in large stone jar, cover, and in six weeks they will be ready for the table. For a sweet pickle sugar is added to the vinegar when it is scalded.