Sweet Pickled Peaches

Peaches. Cloves. Sugar. Cinnamon. Vinegar. Mace.

Use either firm freestones or dings divided into halves.

Pare and place in a vinegar syrup allowing one-half as much sugar as fruit. Heat slowly until tender, then pour into a stone jar, add one stick of cinnamon broken in pieces, doves and mace.

For ten mornings drain off the vinegar, heat and pour over the fruit, then seal.

Have plenty of vinegar to cover the fruit.

Stuffed Pickled Peaches

Medium sized peaches. Grated horseradish. Celery seed. Sugar. Spices. Vinegar. Ginger root.

Select medium sized peaches, wash them and take out the stones; cover with salt water and let them stand over night. In the morning fill the centers with grated horseradish, mixed with a little celery seed and a small piece of ginger root.

Tie each peach with string and pack in jars.

Pour over them heated vinegar, with sugar and spices to taste.

Cover and seal.