Barberries In Molasses

2 quarts barberries. 1 quart molasses.

Discard all imperfect berries and remove the stems. Put the molasses into a preserving pan, and when at the boiling point, pour in the berries. Boil them until rich and clear looking, stirring often lest the molasses burn.

Seal in jars.

Barberry Jelly

Barberries. Sugar.

Gather the barberries as soon as they have been touched by the frost. Stem, wash, and to every four quarts allow one cupful of water. Cook until the juice presses out easily, remove from the fire, mash, strain and measure the juice.

To two cupfuls of juice allow two generous cupfuls of sugar. Place the sugar in the oven. Cook the juice for twenty minutes then add the sugar and cook for five minutes.

Divide into glasses and seal when cold.

Barberries With Apples

1/2 peck barberries. 1 peck sweet apples. 2 quarts molasses.

Pick over the barberries, wash, and put on to boil with water enough to float them. Add the molasses and cook until the berries are tender. While they are cooking, pare, quarter, and core the apples.

Skim out the barberries and cook the apples in the syrup, as many as can be cooked conveniently. When tender, put them into a jar with the berries, and boil the syrup until it is thick.

Pour it over the fruit and the next morning heat all together again, and put away in a large stone jar.

Scald occasionally and the fruit will keep without sealing.