Herbs. Mushrooms.

Pull the herbs on a dry day, and just before they flower. Cut off the roots and free them from dust. Wash them thoroughly, then shake them, and spread them on a paper placed in a cool oven with the door open, or in the sun, until they are dry and crisp.

Strip the leaves from the stalks, crush them fine, or rub them through a coarse sieve. Place the powder in wide-mouthed bottles, cork securely, and label each one distinctly.

This conserves the flavor much more than if bunches of herbs are kept hanging up, even when they are protected from dust by being placed in paper bags.

Gather fresh mushrooms, free them from dust and decayed parts, then cut in thick slices, spread out on paper or plates, and place in a cool oven, or in the sun.

They may be pounded and rubbed through a sieve or they may be strung on a thread and dried in the sun. When perfectly dry put them in glass jars.

When wanted for use soak than for several hours in cold water and then use the same as fresh mushrooms.