In making candied cherries I use the large red cherries. Boiling water is poured over them after the stones have been removed; they are allowed to stand in this a while, then the water is poured off, and the cherries drained. In a preserving kettle is placed a pound and a half of sugar and one-half cupful of water to each pound of fruit. This is boiled to the soft-ball stage; then the cherries are added, and simmered very slowly for fifteen or twenty minutes or until the cherries are red and transparent; then they are removed with a skimmer, and placed on platters. These are placed in the strong sun, or in a slow oven until nearly dry. The syrup in the kettle is cooked down to the hard-ball stage and a little red fruit coloring added; then the cherries are placed in this a few at a time, and simmered slowly until each cherry is well permeated with the syrup; then they are removed to the platter again, and placed in the sun until thoroughly dried; they are then packed in pasteboard boxes or tins lined with paraffin paper.

Paraffin paper is also placed between each two layers.