Pineapple pickles are not so common as some others, and have a piquancy all their own. To make them slice ripe pineapples, and then skin and remove core with a sharp knife or corer. Cut into quarters or eighths, or the rounds may be left as they are. To each seven pounds of the fruit use three and a half pounds of granulated sugar, a tablespoonful each of cinnamon and mace, and one teaspoonful each of allspice and cloves, and if preferred a bit of ginger root. Tie the spices up in a bag, and add to the vinegar. To each pint of strong vinegar add one cupful of water, and the sugar.

Boil to the consistency of honey, and then add the pineapple and simmer several minutes. Take off the fire and let stand twelve hours. Drain off the syrup, and boil several minutes, then pour over the pineapple arranged in jars, and seal while hot.