The strawberries are candied in the same way, only instead of pouring boiling water over them they are placed in a preserving kettle with the sugar in alternate layers, and allowed to stand overnight; then the juice is poured off into a preserving kettle, and brought to the soft-ball stage, and the berries added, a few at a time, and the same process gone through as with the cherries. The pineapple is cut up in about inch slices, then cut into cubes, or fourths. Proceed as for candied cherries.

The largest gooseberries are used for candying, and when green. The stems are removed, they are cut lengthwise, and the seeds picked out, using the point of a small fruit knife.

When candying peaches and pears, especially pears, a little lemon rind or ginger root is often added to the syrup; or a little vanilla or almond extract. If the fruit is to be crystallized I boil down the syrup to the crystal state, and pour this over the fruit on the platters, and let stand until the crystals are dry.